Many people don’t believe how many deaths and accidents there has been caused by texting while driving. Here is a a story I have chosen to write about, maybe it will change your thoughts and feelings about texting while driving.

On the night of February 23, 2010 a young girl named Heather Lerch was driving home from work. She then started texting her friend, not to much longer she had gotten in a fatal accident. It only took her a few seconds to look away and crash her car and end her young life. Her family knew her as a friendly, smart, and easy going type of girl; she was working towards a great future for herself, she was getting somewhere in life where  most people her age would not be.

Her parents are now asking everyone to please think before, you text and drive. They want everyone to go home safely to their own family.

This story moved me when I read the article, I could never imagine planning a funeral for my own child due to texting while driving. My experience I have dealt with daily is just reckless text drivers, for example. Every morning I drive to work I always end up on the road with this red and white Mustang, the guy that is driving the car is always texting while driving. He sometimes drives in two lanes some times stays in the same lane but starts to swirve, he then will correct him self but go back to texting. The worse part of it is he is always speeding!

The road I take it is a 45-50 mph he goes much faster than that. He is speeding while texting, he could end up taking a innocent life. He might believe he is the king of texting but if you are looking at your phone and texting while driving, to my eyes you are not a professional. I don’t want anyone to get hurt, but I do hope that a police officer does spot him texting while driving and speeding. Maybe it will wake him up, and he could be a whole different person after getting a good lecture from the officer. But so far I am still on the road with him, like other innocent civilians hoping for the best of not getting hit by him or him hitting anyone else.

There was another story I came upon and it was a feeling no one would ever want to carry with them for the rest of their lives. Amanda Umscheid was not texting while driving, but was texting her 19 year old sister while she was driving. “On May 16th, 2009 her sister was killed in a car accident. She was texting Amanda when her truck entred the median (Umscheid).” She carries this guilt with her everyday.

So to take a stand against texting and driving, she is traveling around the country to talk to teenagers, and schools about the dangers and telling her story of her loss. And the things teenagers should know to think before they text. This is a story that Amanda wants everyone to read and hear about, she doesn’t want anyone to mourn the loss of a loved one. She wants to stop that before it happens. 



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