I have chosen this topic because there are more accidents every day caused by people who text and drive, now its starting to become a big concern all around the country. I also drive and see a lot of people texting while driving, and lose control of their cars. I just can’t believe that people would risk putting lives on the line for a simple text message. I have created this site so everyone understands why this topic makes me upset to even think about. And why it should make everyone who is reading this blog think twice about texting while driving.

This site will help you understand the dangers of texting while driving, and what we can do to help prevent accidents. This will provide the facts, pictures, and stories of accidents caused by texting while driving. This page will describe in great detail of what can happen if and when you do text and drive. It will talk about ways to spread the word about this type of danger. When reading up on this subject think to your self; how would you feel if a family member got hit by a person who was texting while driving, you get that first and last call of we couldn’t save him/her on time it was too late. Then imagine you were that person who hit a strangers family member, and you didn’t injure him/her you killed them. That feeling either side would be with you for the rest of your life. It won’t be easy to just forgive or forget, I wouldn’t want to have that on my conscience. I definitely I don’t.


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