I read the article “‘Study’ time has passed; ban texting while driving.” It was talking about how many people were killed and injured from texting while driving. While the people of Florida thinks it should be banned by how the death tolls looked and injuries people sustained. “Yet for the past six years in Florida, lawmakers have turned thumbs down on common-sense proposals to prohibit one of the most insidious causes of distracted driving: texting behind the wheel (“Orlando Sentinel” 1).” I’m really surprised with the statistics they stated that 3,092 people died  and 416,000 has been injured, that it wouldn’t change their minds on banning texting while driving.

… although 39 states has had some type of law to at least cutting texting and driving to a certain point, if not more. I’m not sure what is stopping the law makers of Florida from agreeing to a law that will protect families and themselves. I hope that soon all the other states that does not have a law against texting while driving, will put more thought and consideration of what can be done. I’m happy that Utah is a state that recognizes the danger.


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