I was checking the news today, and came upon a story of Wil Craig. I have watched the news before about him not too long ago about his texting while driving accident and his recovery afterwards, but I haven’t heard anything about him since today. I saw online there was news about him traveling across the country to talk to teenagers at high schools about texting while driving and how it changed his life. To make this long story short he (Wil Craig) was the passenger in his girlfriend’s car, she was texting while driving next thing they know they totaled the car and it a big tree. “Craig’s girlfriend walked away without even a scratch, but he said the doctors didn’t believe he would be more than a vegetable the rest of his life. “The whole first month of my coma I was on life support” (Baileys). How horrible is that to know that the person who was guilty of texting while driving did not get injured, but injured someone who wasn’t doing it?

Things that happen like that makes me just so angry, Wil has to start his life all over because mentally he has to re-learn everything he knew. The article also said that they didn’t press charges, her family was lucky they didn’t lose her [girlfriend]. With what Wil is doing now getting the word out there about what happened to him and how it could change other people’s lives it touched my heart. With the disability he has he found the strength to get up and fight for what is right letting the youth know that it is not okay to text and drive. I know this story has made me see things from a different perspective.

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