When I first chose the topic for my blog I knew it was going to be an attention-grabbing topic. Just seeing people text and drive every single day when I’m on the road or even hearing about it on the news drives me crazy! I know a lot of people say they can multi-task and driving and texting is one of them, but I will have admit to my past I did text and drive for a long time. That was when my key pad wasn’t a touch screen and I could feel the buttons, so I didn’t even have to take my eyes off the road to send a text because I already knew where the keys were. But now with my touch phone it takes a little bit longer to text because I do have to look.

I noticed when everyone started using touch screen phones that’s when a lot of the texting accidents started happening. There were deaths and a lot of injuries talked about all over the news. So I decided to make a vow that I will stop texting and driving and if someone needs to reach me they can call me and not send me a text message. Since then I have not text and driven, which makes me very proud of myself because my cell phone and I are glued together, I won’t go anywhere without it.